5 Office Dress Code For Men

Posted on August 12 2018

According to a survey by Salary.com, about 55% of work places  have a dress code.  Dress codes help keep employees in check. By stating what is acceptable and what is not, companies encourage organization, uniformity and orderliness. Typically, there are five kinds of corporate dress codes. Thesedress codes differ across many sectors. Some offices are a bit particular about your outfit, while the others are not.

Office Dress Code For Men

Five recognized office dress codes for men include; business formal, business professional, business casual, ultra casual and casual.

 1. Business Formal :

This is usually for those who hold high level positions. It is the highest level of professional outfit. Also called boardroom attire, the business formal outfit is common for people who work in law. To achieve a business formal outfit, you need the following :

 A tailored one, two or three buttoned suit, in either black, navy of grey color

 A tie, of a lighter shade. Modest in style and color, the tie should also be high-end in quality. You can also try neutral colored ties with soft patterns, but stay away from novelty ties and ties with loud designs.

Formal Suits

  You will also need a white collared button-up shirt.

 Rap it up with closed toe oxfords, preferably black or brown. Do not go for loafers or sneakers.

 Accessorize with a modest wristwatch of high-quality.

 Properly groom your hair and nails; modesty is key.

2. Business Professional :

This dress code is also called traditional business outfit. A step down from the business formal, the business professional, is not so particular about color and pattern. However, it is still conservative, neat and traditional. Here’s is how this look can be pulled off :

 A one or two button suit. You should go with conservative colors but you can experiment with patterns, howbeit modesty.

 A lighter-colored dress pants and a collard button-up shirt, of a conservative color like blue, gray or burgundy.

  You can add style to your outfit with a sports jacket.

  Ties should be conservative, but modest patterns are allowed.

  Conservatively colored shoes, either oxfords or loafers should be used.

  You can accessorize with a wrist watch of either gold, white gold or silver.

  Groom hair and nails modestly.

3. Business Casual :

This is a notch lower than the business professional outfit. It is used in events like casual business meetings, meetings between co-workers in an office environment and so on. Some companies also adopt the business casual outfit. Especially companies who are not very particular about employees appearing all 'corporate'. To achieve this look :

  Use casual dress pants. No jeans

  Pair your pants with a light colored or striped shirt

  Use a pair of loafers

  Accessorize with a good wristwatch

4. Casual outfit :

This is used occasionally by companies, to give employees the opportunity to be themselves. There are also offices that make use of only casual dress code.You should avoid being too casual, by ensuring your casual clothes are neat, pressed and appropriate for your job type. Here is how to pull it off :

  For pants, use casual pants or slacks. Only use jeans if they are permitted.

  Pair your pants with a collared polo and a pullover. You can use a number of colors and patterns. Just avoid novelty patterns.

  Use clean shoes like loafers or sneakers.

  Accessorize with brightly colored wristwatch

  Groom hair properly. Casual offices are more lenient with hairstyles like ponytail and longer hair styles too.

5. Ultra Casual dress code

This kind of dress code is found in start-up companies,  tech firms, and millennial friendly work places. It is usually adopted by companies in need of results from their employees, without the expectation of appearances. This look is also a spring and summer go to look, because of its style and comfort. Here is how you can pull off this look :

 You can use a T-shirt, a fitted shirt or a sweatshirt

 Wear comfortable pants

 Add a comfortable footwear to the mix and accessorize with a wrist watch

  Avoid shirts with graphics or profanity.

Finally, while picking an office dress code, especially if you are new to an organization, it is always best to play safe and dress very formally, at least until you have a better understanding of what is acceptable within the company and what is not. Also, no matter the dress code you decide to pull off, ensure you always appear neat and composed. Your clothes should be free of holes, tears, and  stains. Stay away from anything that would make you seem unfit for an office.Your outfit goes along way to influence your performance and mood, make the most of it!

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