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Posted on August 07 2018

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Everybody aims to look good at a party, more so when it is your party. Planning a party takes a lot of effort, add that to the stress of deciding what to wear and you are in for a long trip.Unless you have a dress code for your party, then it is a fact that anything goes. That does not mean that you should put in no effort with your outfit and appearance. In fact, you should probably aim at upstaging  everyone, it is your party after all.

How To Stun At Your Party

Depending on the kind of party you intend to have, here are several tips on how to stun at your own party :

1. The first step is to understand the occasion :

What kind of party do you intend to have? Most times the kind of party one aims to have, influences the dress style.

Depending on what the occasion is, you can opt for a tuxedo or a good old plain suit to stun at your party. Even if you want to mix colors or mix match outfits, it is best to go for colors that compliment each other. You can make a stunning appearance in the following ways :

Dark Coloured Suit 

•  Dark Colored Suit

If you want to appear basic, go for something that will not only distinguish you, but also give you an edge. A well cut dark grey suit will do just that. Dark colors have a way of making someone appear chic and sophisticated. You can pair this dark colored suit with a stripped shirt. It makes the outfit appear a little less formal. It’s a party, remember that!

•  Suit Jacket and Denims

Add a Denim to the mix, with a suit jacket, for that laid back look. You can combine your formal outfit with a little bit of casual touch.Although darker jeans are more preferred for parties, lighter jeans are usually more casual looking. So you can pick a bright pair and balance it out with a collard shirt and a dark blazer

This outfit will make you comfortable, as it creates a middle ground, being that it is a party. You can pair this outfit with shoes that are smart and chic. This style works best if you did not stipulate any dress code for your party.

•  Patterned Suit

If you want to look the best to your own party, you can try going for some patterned suits. Go for something subtle, so you do not end up looking like a cartoon.

You do not want to appear boring at your own party. So, as much you want to wear a suit, try to spice it up. Find suits with patterns that are a little modern.Go for something with a bold but very

Patterned Suit

subtle pattern, instead of the traditional navy and black suits.There is no point adding a tie as that could be a little over the top, but if you want to, find a tie which will blend well with the patterns on the suit you have chosen.

•  Plain Suit

Good old suits is also a fun way to to beat everyone at your party. You can go for colors that are little less formal and you can even step it down a notch with your choice of shoes. Go for loafers as those will make you feel you are actually going for a party and not a board meeting.

However, if you want to appear formal, you can wear a suit, button down shirt and pair it with a tie.The tie can make your outfit appear a bit more formal than necessary; so you need to be very careful while putting these pieces together.

•  Black Tie Dress Code

Lets say your party is a black tie event, and you want to go with the formal look; then you can adopt the black tie look. The black tie look will be a good option if your party is scheduled to take place in the evening. Also, if your party is happening in a fancy restaurant, which have stipulated formal dress code; then you can pick the black tie look as well. Just figure out what works and stick to it.

2. The next step is to co-ordinate your outfit and be comfortable :

You want to look your best, but you do not want to lose your personality in the process. Parties, give you an opportunity to express yourself and you should take it. Stay within your comfort zone and do not try too hard to pull off a stunning look. As the celebrant, you can try the following so you can turn heads and still be comfortable :  

Go for outfits that are a little more fitted, than your average every day outfits

Try turtleneck tees. Endeavor to pick a dark shade; like dark blue, brown, burgundy and so on. Add a blazer to the mix for that sassy look.

The final step is to go through your wardrobe and shop for the essentials you do not already own. You want to look your best, but you should not have to rob a bank in the process. Therefore, work with a budget and get only the things you are sure you will need.

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