10 Best Wedding Suits For Men The Most Luxury Look

Posted on July 31 2018

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When it comes to weddings, people are usually all over the map as regards what to wear. Fashion keeps evolving and suits, change with the trend. Men’s wedding suits are continuously modified in such a way that they can be in and out of fashion in no time. These changes leave intending grooms confused as they do not know which option to go for, as there are a large number of varieties.

10 Best Suits For Weddings :

Listed below, are ten of the best suits for weddings to make your selection easier and more convenient.

1. A classic tuxedo :

Every man should have a tuxedo in their closet and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to get one. A tuxedo is practically the most luxury look for a wedding. Weddings are a celebration, more so as a groom, so it is best you wear

Classic tuxedo

an outfit you would not wear on other occasions. A tuxedo is not just an outfit, it is an investment. They make you stand out every time and what better time to stand out except on your big day?

2. Navy Blue 3 Piece Suit :

The navy blue herringbone suit, is unarguably the one of the most luxury looks for weddings.  This kind of suit began to gain relevance after it was pulled off brilliantly by James Bond from Spectre. It does not look too fancy yet it oozes class and style. With a wide peak lapel and a vest, matching the color of the jacket and trouser, the Navy blue 3 piece suit is definitely one of the best suits to wear to your wedding.

3. Black Slim Fit Suit :

You can hardly ever go wrong with dark colors. They have a way of creating a classy contrast especially when worn with dress shirts of a brighter shade. The black trim suit is a great option for young men in their mid 20’s and it is a bit more fitting than the standard cut. This suit works for guys with a trim physique and shows just how stylish you can be, especially on your wedding day.

4. Vintage Brown Suit :

A vintage cut has a way of making you look great without even trying. So, for your big day, you should opt for something that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. A brown three piece suit is one thing, but a vintage cut is taking things to a classy level. Weddings do not happen every day, so why not go an extra mile to look thoroughly chic?

5. Sharkskin Navy Blue Suit :

Blue is very quickly becoming a standard suit color. The features of the sharkskin Navy blue suit, highlights it as a skinny suit for men. With a thin lapel, this suit is usually a slim fit suit for men who are trim and in good shape. The sharkskin suit will work perfectly for a wedding with an indoor reception.

6. Off white 3 Piece Suit :

Traditionally, men go with either light shades or dark shades for their weddings. The extremes of these shades being the black and white colors. For men who intend to go for a white combination, the off white 3 piece suit is a great option when you intend to match your bride’s wedding gown. The 3 piece white suit sometimes comes with a brown vest but you will need to buy a shirt and neck tie to pair with it. The off white suit, when adequately pulled off, defines luxury and class.

7. Dark Grey Suit :

The dark grey suit is a good option for a white and green themed wedding. A lot of people have begun to turn to other colors apart from black, because black has become too common. The dark grey suit is for people who do not want to go with the conventional black colored suits. It gives you a unique, uncommon look, on your big day.

8. Pinstripe Suits :

Pinstripes are starting to gain relevance in recent times. In fact, if you are a great fan of trending styles, then the

Pinstripe suit

Pinstripe suit is for you. The pinstripe suit comes in different shades of black, blue, grey and brown. Usually designed in a narrow fit cut, pinstripes give you a tailored look and does not ruin the overall essence of a suit.

9. Blue Windowpane Suit :

This type of suit does not really care much for your body shape. The windowpane 2 piece suit brings out the best in you, irrespective of how you are built. The widow pane design pattern present in the suit gives you an interesting look and will compliment any blue shade themed wedding.

10. Light Brown Suit :

This suit usually comes with an extraordinary style of a wide peak lapel, which is rarely found on brown wedding suits. This look can be accompanied with any shirt and neck tie, since it is a color that can go with a number of combinations.

Finally, weddings mostly only happen once in a man’s life, there should not be any sort of compromise. Spare no expense to achieve that great look so you can always look back and tell your children about the good times you had on your wedding day and how spectacular the suit you wore was. Although the trend may change, fashion will always be in our lives.

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