Five Ties That Every Man Should Own!

Posted on August 15 2018

Buying a handful of ties, randomly is a way to drain your pocket and there is a chance you still might not get the essentials.For men who use ties everyday, before buying one, you should focus on ties which are wearable at least a dozen times a year. Instead of getting only ties you would use once a year, for only one event. Timeless, wearable tie styles are usually the best and most essential ties as they can work with a number of outfits.

Five Ties Every Man Should Own Include :

1. A Solid necktie, preferably a dark shade :

The solid necktie is the most essential tie every man should own. The solid neck tie goes well with almost every outfit. The most versatile colors include black, burgundy, dark green and other rich deep colors. Even if you only use a tie once a year, a solid tie is a must have. When buying a solid tie, endeavor to avoid bright colors. You can acquire a nice deep blue for your first solid tie and see how it complements your outfits. Solid ties can be used for different occasions like ;

  For formal business events - You can pull off a business formal look wearing a nice refined dark colored solid tie.

  For business casual events : You can go for visibly textured solid pastels paired with a colored shirt.

  For fun : When broken with a little pattern or texture, they can be worn to fun events too.

2. A Paisley Tie :

Dating as far back as the third century, the Paisley necktie is  known to be of Middle Eastern origin. With a repeatedly, curved design, Paisley tie is one of the most complex patterns available.Paisley ties can be difficult to match; but can work when paired with a calm solid colored shirts and suits, they blend nicely with. Here’s a few places a Paisley tie can be used :

  For formal business environment: A Paisley tie in an office displays both personality and confidence.

Look for designs that are not over whelming like a dark shade with bright

highlights that can accentuate the Paisley pattern without being too obvious.

  For fun : For fun, pick a lighter background to make the Paisley figures boldly pop out.

3. A Plaid Tie : 

This is mostly a fun tie with unique patterns which makes it the center piece your outfit. It is very essential to match a plaid tie accordingly as failure to do this could result in a  disastrous outlook. They are however, a useful way to pop up your outfits made of solid colors. Here are some ways the plaid tie can be used ;

  For business casual outings: A tartan tie will complement a casual suit well. Ensure you choose colors like brown, gray and so on. Muted plaids blend well with these colors.

  For fun : Plaids can work when paired with sweaters and sports jackets.

4. A Bow Tie :

Bow ties are great for black tie event and if you are into corporate practice, then you definitely need one. Apart from that, bow ties can also be used on casual outfits if they are colorful and patterned. However, a subtle patterned bow tie can also be worn in an office. Bow ties are a great way to experiment new patterns especially if you are unsure about trying out such pattern.

5. Polka Dot Ties :

The Polka dots are not rampant patterns which show up in means wear, making them a good option to use as ties as you are in very little risk of having the polka dot colors, awkwardly close to any pattern in your suit and shirt. Always go for something with a muted background color and fine spaced dots.

Polka dots are not suitable for business formal occasions except for daily office routine. For a business casual event; pick one with dark background with dots that reference the shirt color. Polka dots can also be worn for fun and casual outfits.

Finally, these ties are just the basic essentials; you should not go and acquire tons of them, keep it simple and get at most one or two pieces till you are able to get a hang of it.

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