How To Match Your Clothes

Posted on July 29 2018

Everyone who wears clothes should have a basic knowledge of how to match outfits. Your outfit is the expression of your inner world so great effort should be  put  into assembling them.  Matching outfits wrongly could end up giving you an awkward look. So ensure that the clothes and colors compliment each other

Ways To Properly Match Your Outfit :

Here are some tips on how to properly match your outfits :

1. Choose colors that compliment each other :

When it comes to colors, black is the go-to color for almost every outfit. Blue, yellow and red are primary colors and other colors come from a combination of these primary colors. Black compliments yellow adequately especially lighter shades. Other colors which compliment each other include orange and blue, turquoise and maroon, Violet and yellow.

2. Look clean :

No matter how hard you try to coordinate your outfit, if you do not look neat, then the aim is defeated. Always ensure your clothes fit properly and make sure there are no visible wear and tear. Endeavor to neatly iron your clothes too.

3. Go for complementary outfits over matching outfits :

Although it is safer to go for matching outfits over complementary outfits; complementing your coutfit allows your clothes build each other up. The trick is to make sure the main colors of your wardrobe are as far away from each other as possible on the color wheel.

Blue suit

Blue Suit

Not getting this right could end up giving you a ridiculous result, this is why some people settle for matching their outfit because it is safer and you are at no risk of distracting people with more than one strong color. Matching your outfit gives you a decent appearance, but you do not get the wow effect successfully pulling off a complementary outfit  gives.

 4. Ensure all leather items in your outfit match :

Put your leather pieces together to stand out as a group. Leather items like your shoes, your belt, leather bag and watch strap are items you should focus on matching. The most important on the list are your shoes and belt. The more different the colors of your leathers are, the worse of a match you will get. For instance, you do not pair black boots with a brown belt unless you intend to cover up the belt. The best bet is to go for brown boots too.

5. Endeavor to match your metals :

Are there any metal items visible in your outfit, ensure you get them to match. Metals like your watch, belt buckles, neck pieces and so on. Gold goes with gold, silver goes with . However, you do not have to replace items of sentimental value like your wedding ring because of these rules as there are exceptions.

6. Wear Items with the same level of formality :

There is a link connecting formal clothing items and casual clothing items. Do not pair items from opposite sides of this link. For instance, you do not pair a suit jacket with baseball shorts. Do not match very formal stuff with the least formal stuff. These also works with colors; dark colors generally give an air of formality especially for suits and shoes while lighter colors come off as a little bit casual with a lower level of formality.

7. Watch out for fashion trends from famous people :

Learn from fashion enthusiasts and celebrities as they tend to do what works every time, either by themselves or with the help of professionals. Take inspiration from them and add your own style into the mix so you do not lose your individuality.

8. Do not be afraid to experiment with various patterns and textures :

You can experiment with patterns by trying to match items beautifully. It is possible to get away with wearing three to four unique patterns at once. The key to this is having friends preview your outfit and tell you what works and what does not.


Finally, always arrange your clothes before use as we tend to make mistakes when we are in a hurry. Have a mirror handy to get a good look before leaving the house and if something does not seem right, then by all means change the outfit; until your mirror tells you 'this is the one'!

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