Men’s Style- Every Guy’s Needs

Posted on August 26 2018

There are certain accessories and clothes every man needs to own, not only to help the men remain stylish, but because these outfits are versatile, timeless and elegant. They pair well with a variety of dress codes and various other garments, thus making it easier for you to figure out where to begin while dressing up for an event.

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Some basic essentials that should contribute to every man’s list include :

1. A white dress shirt :

This item is multi-purpose. It goes with a variety of dress codes.  Every stylish man should own at least one dress shirt of a high-end quality. Go for classic and durable fabrics made from plain poplin weave or fine herringbone twill. Avoid the ones with chest pockets because formal shirts do not have chest pockets and pick one with medium collar because it fits every face shape and it goes with a lot of outfits.

2. A crewneck T-shirt :

This item is just as versatile as the white button down shirt. A cotton mix crew neck in an adaptable shade of navy can be worn with almost anything. You can wear it under a lightweight jacket, you can also wear it on its own. Just find one that fits.

3. Slim Navy Chino Trousers :

Chinos make for a great bridge piece and they can suit almost every outfit. A good alternative to jeans, slim navy chinos are ideal for summer and winter. They are also great if you do not want to wear suit trousers. Endeavor to get the ones without pleats in the front, they serve you much better and never go out of style. You can wear this light colored pants too casual outdoor weddings, barbeque parties or even lunch meetings with colleagues. Chinos should fit like tailored pants and they can be worn with a shirt, shirt and jacket, T-shirt and bomber and so on. It gives you a variety of options.

4. A pair of lace-ups :

Your shoes are one of the first things people notice about you. They should be invested in and lace-ups are worth every penny. Every man needs a pair, either black or brown.

They give you a variety of options as  they can be worn with atuxedo or a suit.

5. Cufflinks :

As a stylish man, you need a pair of cufflinks in your collection. Go for cufflinks that provide you with a variety of options. Avoid single cuff cufflinks because they only suit starched white tie. Combination cufflinks also do not give one a lot of options. However, knotted cufflinks in plain gold, rose gold or silver serve a variety of purpose.

6. A Pair Of Jeans :

A pair of dark blue jeans tick all the boxes and then some. There is nothing they do not go well with. A good pair, should be slim and fit, not too tight and they should be naturally blue.

You can wear a pair of classic denim to a number of events and look nothing short of stylish. Every man should own one.

7. Adenim jacket :

This is another versatile closet essential. A jean jacket could be worn in many ways and for many occasions. It can be worn with a pair of jeans, over a simple tee, under an unlined navy blazer; the list is endless.

8. A Navy blazer :

This piece of clothing is a classic example of transition tailoring. Nothing screams classic man like a navy blazer, worn over grey pants. For colder months, you could go for a darker shade in brushed cotton.

9. A white T-shirt :

White T-shirts go with virtually everything. However, you should endeavor to go for something cut from high quality cotton as good fabrics naturally last longer and feel better against your skin.

10. A high-quality time piece :

Every man should own a grown-up wrist watch. You can go for gold, silver or leather; just find something that shows of your personal style. So, instead of checking the time on your phone; invest in a wrist watch.

11. A bag :

Apart from a wallet, a bag is a good place to store all your important items. Especially if you are into technology and have to carry your laptop around. Invest in a bag, preferably a backpack. A bag ensures you never forget important items as you have enough room for everything.

Finally,  investing in these items, although a bit expensive, ensures you have well made basics that can last you a life time.  By purchasing the right building blocks for all outfits, you will always look appropriate and stylish no matter what and you will rest assured, knowing that you have the right basics for every occasion.

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