Men’s Style – How To Find A Suit That Fits You

Posted on July 07 2018

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The key to looking good in a suit, is finding one that fits. Therefore, learning how to find a suit that fits is an important skill as you do not want to be the center of attention for the wrong reasons. Wearing an ill-fitted suit does not only make one uncomfortable but can reduce your self esteem as well.


How To Ensure A Suit Fits


These are some tips on how I was able to find a suit that fits, you will sure find them helpful :

1. Check The Shoulder :

Ensure the shoulders lie flat against the bone. The should be directly proportional to you’re length of your shoulders. Having wrinklesover your triceps an indication that your suit is too small. Also, if the shoulder seam just out beyond your shoulders, or the fabric falls down your arm, then they are too big for you. The perfect fit is one in which you can at least see the line of your shoulder and the sleeve hangs down to touch the skin on your upper arm.


2. The Button and Closure :

Make sure your suit jacket fits you in the chest area. You do not want to have your button hanging like it is one exhale away from blowing off your jacket.If the fabric across your chest wrinkles when you close the button and the lapels crease away from your body, alongside a flaring hem; then the closure is too small for you.

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 However, if the lapels do not touch your chest area at all and the fabric just hangs off you, with no gap between your body and arms then the suit is too big for you. The best fit is one that provides a curve-in at your waist, without folds in the fabric and at a good level with the closing button. All of these should come together to form a nice shape under your arm.


3. The Collar :

The collar of your jacket should sit halfway up your shirt collar, to reveal a bit of your shirt's collar. There should be no gap between both as the jacket collar is expected to be as close as possible to your shirt collar. A gap indicates that the jacket is too big and small folds beneath your collar where the fabric stretches is an indication that the jacket is too small. A perfect fit is one that stands naturally and sits flush against your shirt.


4. Your suit pants :

A classic trouser should be one that fits, close enough so you can pull an of extra material, while you have them on. You should not need a belt to keep your trousers up if they are the right fit. They should be able to stay up on their own, with just enough room for your shirt to be tucked in with out any bloated, ruffled look.

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Another aspect of your suit pants you should watch out for is the length of your pants. They are expected to brush against the top of your shoes, teasingly showing off your shoes, without exposing them too much. If your trousers are hanging at your ankles or sagging  your shoes, then they are too small and too long respectively. The perfect suit trousers should be one that creates a slight crease at the trouser break, like a sort of dimple, when the trousers meet your shoes.


5. The Seat :

When it comes down to the seat, you should ensure you have just a little bit of room, to move around and sit. If it feels like the material will explode every time you bend over, then it is definitely too small for you. However, if there is a bit of sagging material behind, forming a 'u', then it is far too big. The bottom should be able to fit perfectly without being too tight or too loose.


6. The sleeve :

Your sleeve should be able to show a glimpse of your watch, your cufflinks and your shirt.  Just a tiny glimpse that should not extend to the seam where your shirt cuff is attached to the sleeve. If you can not see any shirt at all, then the suit is definitely too big.

Finally, when it comes to finding a suit that fits, you should pay adequate attention to details; so as not to take the wrong measurements. Things like the length of the jacket can be a bit tricky to determine, but if you cannot grab your jacket with your arms at your sides, then it is a sign that the jacket is not long enough. Just do what works for you. If you have any sort of doubt about a particular suit, then you should move on to the next one. Take your time and pick out something great, no pressure!



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