Top 5 Best Luxury Tuxedos For Men

Posted on July 06 2018


A tuxedo is a type of evening wear, used for black tie and white tie events. A lot of people feel it is just an American bogus substitute for the English term 'dinner suit', however, studies have shown that the tuxedo came first as the first mention of the word known to man was in 1889. The presence of satin in tuxedos is the easiest way to differentiate a tuxedo from a suit.Whenever it is pulled off properly, a tuxedo have the tendency to turn heads. They are luxurious but they are worth owning. Most people opt for renting tuxedos when they have black tie events but you might end up dissatisfied with how it looks; the best option is to buy one; so it can be tailored to perfectly fit your frame.


Must Have Luxury Tuxedos For Men


Some of the best tuxedos for men include:

1. Notch Lapel Tuxedos :

Notch lapel tuxedos are considered the standard in men’s suiting today. They are found on several garments from sports clothes to business suits; thus making them to be considered more casual than other types of tuxedos. Notch lapels are very versatile; as they are found in several jackets and suits. They form a notch where the collar meets the lapel, thus the name; notch lapel. These tuxedos can be worn to creative black tie events or black tie optional events that are less formal. To accessorize, use a dress shirt with fold down collars, a patterned bow tie, fancy cufflinks and loafers.


2. Peak Lapel Tuxedos :

Peak Lapel tuxedos are luxury tuxedos with edges that peak upwards towards the face. Slightly wider than notch lapels, the peak lapels were originally seen in highly formal and traditional garments like tailcoats. However, in recent times, they have begun to make their way into suit jackets and tuxedos. Peak lapels are considered very formal and they are less common. When properly pulled off, peak Lapel tuxedos always make a statement and with the fact that they point upwards, peak lapels make you appear taller. Worn for most formal events like a black tie wedding, peak Lapel tuxedos can be accessorized with a black bow tie, a pleated shirt with French cuffs, patent leather shoes, button studs and silk knot cufflinks.


3. Shawl Collar Tuxedos :

With a modern, rounded shape, Shawl collard tuxes are considered less formal than peak lapels, however, they possess a bit more panache. Shawl collars best suit black tie appropriate garments and you can style them using your judgement and based on the event. They can be worn to formal and black tie events. Shawl collars can be accessorized using shirts with fold down collars and French cuffs, a black bow tie, cap toe shoes, button studs and metal cufflinks.


                             The Notch, Peak and Shawl Lapels


4. Double-Breasted Tuxedos :

These kinds of tuxedos are said to have been prominent in the '30s among gangsters and in the '80s among Wall Street brokers. In recent times however, they have been made to have a slimmer cut, making them much more flattering and unique for men who love the bold look. They are also considered more formal than the single breasted tuxes and can be worn to a number of places and events like weddings, the office and so on.


5. Midnight Blue Tuxedos :

Worn for the most formal events, the midnight blue tuxedo has become an acceptable alternative to black tuxedos because it appears even darker under the glow of electric lights. Another option, though necessitated by tropical climate is the white dinner jacket, and both tuxes have become statements in the tuxedo world.

You can wear these jackets all year round, to the most formal events like a black tie wedding, or to creative black tie events. They can be accessorized using a pleated shirt with French cuffs, a black bow tie, silk knot cufflinks, button studs and patent leather shoes.

Finally, these luxury Tuxedos are definitely worth a small investment, from the results you get when they are correctly pulled off, you would know they are worth every penny. Apart from that, they are garments that will last you a long time, especially when you invest in quality ones; you get to save more on the long run as you no longer need to higher Tuxedos for your events.


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